Chemical and Environmental Consultant/Engineers

Waste Water Treatment

With our vast expertise, we have served as head consultants and provided support services for various waste water  treatment plants.
Waste Treatment Plant

This project involved treating  titanium dioxide waste from a sulfate process in a 5 million gallons/day waste treatment plant. Responsibilities Included development of process flow diagrams, P&I diagrams, plant layout and equipment arrangements, complete specifications, pipe scoping diagrams and budget estimate. The development work included filtration and settling tests for sizing thickeners and filtration equipment.
Refinery Waste Water Treatment Plant

This waste treatment plant to treat 1.5 million gallons/day of refinery waste waters was handled in two phases: Phase I included the segregation of storm and process waste waters, collection of waste waters from storage tank farms, installation of corrugated plate separators for enhanced oil removal and the installation of upflow sand filters. The objective of Phase I was to reduce the oil discharged to the Arthur Kill to approximately 10 to 20 PPM. Phase II was for the design and installation of a carbon adsorption system for further reduction of oil to below 1 PPM. The plant included 4 carbon adsorbers, multiple hearth furnace for regeneration of the carbon, carbon storage tanks and carbon-slurry handling equipment. Responsibilities included the process design, engineering and detailed design as well as complete specifications of equipment and sub-contracts. Also responsible for permit approvals.
Waste Treatment for Catalyst Manufacturing Plant

Conceptual engineering, engineering and design and construction for a plant located in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. The project involved the treatment of waters containing copper, nickel and chromium. This was in conjunction with the design and construction of the catalyst plant.
Acid Recovery System

Conceptual engineering study of alternative systems for the recovery of various acids including hydrochloric acid, mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid, mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid used in the picking of alloy and stainless steels.
Other Waste Treatment Plants

Reach Associates, Inc. had been involved with several waste treatment plants for different metals in various parts of the country. These projects range from consultation to construction. Some of the projects are:
Segregation, neutralization and destruction of cyanide waste waters;
Consulting Engineering for the design of a new waste treatment plant for a precious metal facility in Baltimore, MD.
Sampling and Analyses of Waste Water

Reach Associates have undertaken projects involving sampling and analyzing treated water from groundwater treatment system and from four monitoring wells. Responsibilities included preparation of reports, operation and maintenance of system. Reach Associates, Inc. has also prepared applications for NJPDES and treatment works application approval for several clients.
Waste Water Treatment Study and Solutions

Reach Associates, Inc. (Reach) conducted a waste water treatment study and designed a waste water treatment system for a chemical manufacturer of high purity chemicals to meet stringent nickel and copper effluent pretreated requirements. Also, Reach has provided services for Engineering and Design for a sludge filtration plant for a major steel company.