Chemical and Environmental Consultant/Engineers

Toxic and Hazardous Substances Control

Lead-Based Paint and Asbestos Investigation

Reach Associates, Inc. (Reach) conducted lead-based paint and asbestos investigations for the United States Postal Services at over 300 locations throughout New Jersey. Full site investigations and sampling of paint and potential asbetors containing products were conducted to determine those components that contained asbestos and/r lead based paint. Lead based paint inspections were conducted using an X-ray fluorescence analyzer (XRF). Asbestos surveys which included the sampling and analyses of suspected asbestos containing material were done to confirm the presence or absence of ACNM and categorized the ACBM according to the characteristics of the construction materials used in the building. Inspections were conducted following AHERA regulations

Reach worked with renovation architects to determine which areas containing asbestos and lead based paint would be impacted during the renovation activities at numerous locations for the U.S. Postal Service. Reach provided recommendations which facilitated the most efficient and cost effective solutions for the renovation work.
Removal of Lead-Based Paint

Reach Associates provided oversight management and monitored the removal of asbestos and lead based paint at U.S. Postal facilities undergoing renovation work. This work included air sampling, inspections, health and safety meetings, project coordination and associated reports.
Lead in Soil Investigations

Reach Associates conducted lead in soil investigations for a private home in New Jersey. Designated and conducted a sampling program to evaluate the presence of lead within the soil of the residential facility that had undergone exterior plant removal. Reach Associates also provided litigation support.
Asbestos Investigation

Reach conducted an asbestos investigation at an office building in West Orange, New Jersey. The investigation involved identified asbestos containing thermal system insulation materials, surfacing, and miscellaneous materials located throughout the building. The report detailed areas of damage and included recommendations for remedial actions.
Site Investigation and Lead Dust Sampling

This was performed for a lead solder manufacturer. This work was done using wipe samples to determine the residual level of dust and the regulatory requirements pertaining to this facility prior to the sale.
Asbestos Sampling and Analyses

Sampling and analyses for asbestos were performed at five (5) different locations for the City of Newark, N.J. Department of Engineering.