Chemical and Environmental Consultant/Engineers

Risk Management, Safety and Reliability Analyses and TCPA Experience

Preparation of SOPs, Hazard Analysis & Risk Management Plan and Assessment

Reach Associates, Inc. (Reach) prepared Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), risk management plan and safety control devices for a construction supply firm which will produce a resin using toluene diisocyanate (TDI) to satisfy New Jersey's Toxic Catastrophe Prevention Act. For the same manufacturing plant, Reach performed hazard analysis and risk assessment of a resin manufacturing plant handling ans storing TDI to satisfy the requirements of New Jersey's Catastrophe Prevention Act
Review and Analysis of a Preliminary Hazard Analysis

Reach Associates reviewed and analyzed the preliminary hazard analysis for the cleaning, stripping and painting facility at a Navy Ship Parts Control Center. The principal hazards being flammable solvents and dusts.
Safety Analysis of U.S. EPA's Mobile Incinerator System

This project was done for an EPA contractor. It involved the use of a fault tree analysis to identify the cause and probabilities if a fire ir explosion within the incinerator. Recommended appropriate steps to enhance safety.
Conceptual Design Study of a Solar Ammonia/ Nitric Acid Production System.

Reach Associates, Inc. developed a basic plant operating strategy to stimulate the performance of the solar fuel & chemicals plant and conducted a life cycle economic analyses of the proposed design. This project was sub-contracted to Reach from the main contractor of the client company.
Statistical Analysis of Failure Data

In this project, Reach Associates, Inc. (Reach) performed statistical analysis of failure data for bellows expansion joints in a stream distribution system for an electrical utility. Identified joints most prone to failure and recommended steeps to enhance system reliability. Reach Associates also performed a statistical analysis of main failures in secondary networks for an electric utility. Reach identified cost-effective steps tat would reduce the number of mains replacements required. Furthermore, Reach developed, documented and implemented a "User-Friendly" Reliability Model for 13KV auto-loops for n electric utility.
Reliability Assessments

Our team conducted a reliability assessment of a Tertiary Waste Water Treatment Plant for a housing developer to ensure that environmental concerns are met. Recommended measures that would further enhance the plant's reliability.
Risk Management Plans and Hazards Analyses

In the past, Reach Associates, Inc. has been contracted to prepare risk management plans and hazards analyses for various industries. Some of the industries Reach Associates have provided the headlined services for include:

  • a manufacturing plant which uses phosgene and phosphoryl chloride;
  • a major milk bottling company with extensive ammonia refrigeration system; and
  • a proposed hazardous waste incinerator to be located in New Jersey
Cause of Explosion and Fire Evaluation

Reach Associates, Inc has served as consultants in the evaluation of the cause of an explosion and fire in a specialty chemical manufacture plant.