Chemical and Environmental Consultant/Engineers

Incinerator and Related Experience

The experience included the preparation of specifications, design installation and in some cases the start-up of the incinerators/furnaces as listed below:

Liquid Waste Incinerator
- Prepared specifications for an incinerator to handle a sodium formate solution for a chemical company located in Bishop, Texas.

Regenerative- Type Incinerators - 2 Reeco-type incinerators, one for odor control of air from a rubber chemicals plant and the other for odor control from n ethyl acrylate plant located n Bound Brook, New Jersey.

Solid Waste Incinerator - This project involved the development of a solid waste process based on pyrolysis using a rotary kiln for the incinerator

Catalytic Incinerator - Used for organic and odor emission control on waste gases from a phthalic anhydride plant.

Apartment House Solid Waste Incinerator
- Reach Associates, Inc. was involved in the up-grading of several apartment house incinerators.

Liquid Organic Waste Incinerator
- Reach worked on a project involving a submerged combustion waste incinerator for an animal pharmaceutical plant in Manati, Puerto Rico

Furnaces and Rotary Kilns

Rotary Kin
- Two high temperature rotary kilns for an "Aerobean" catalyst plant in Azusa, California.

Multiple Hearth Furnaces - Several Hereschoff-type furnaces for the reactivation of active carbon for a Houston, Texas Company and  for a refinery waste treatment plant located in Port Reading, New Jersey.

Gas Reforming Furnaces - It was used for the preparation of synthesis gas mixture from natural gas and steam. In addition, some of the processes included waste heat boilers for the generation of steam.

Project Management

The President of Reach Associates, Inc. Melvin Wolkstein was the Project Manager responsible for the engineering and design of a drum staging and liquid waste incineration system for one of the largest hazardous waste disposal companies in the U.S.