Chemical and Environmental Consultant/Engineers

Fuel Storage and Miscellaneous Projects

Fuel Storage

Testing of 27 underground gasoline and fuel oil tanks for the U.S. Postal Services, New Brunswick Division, at 17 locations including the supervision of site remediation work at two locations.

Conducted underground tank test for numerous facilities. Awarded alternate contract for underground tank testing program by the New Jersey Division of Purchase and Property.

Prepared closure papers for the removal of two 2000 gallon gasoline and one 550 gallon waste oil tanks and prepared specifications and drawings for the installation of 3000 gallon gasoline/diesel fuel dual aboveground storage tank including fuel management systems for Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ.

Prepared closure papers and assessment for the removal of a 2000 gallon fuel oil tank in Gillette, NJ.

Prepared drawing and specifications for the installation of one 8000 gallon gasoline and one 8000 gallon fuel double wall fiberglass underground storage tank including fuel management and leak detection systems for Roxbury Board of Education.

Prepared and maintained environmental plans and records for a bulk fuel oil storage facility in Newark, NJ. Prepared and periodically updated hazard communication and emergency response plans, prepared and submitted federal and state environmental reports, and conducted emergency response drills

Miscellaneous Projects

Review of processes and permit requirements for the stabilization of contaminated soil for a company specializing in products for the construction industry.

Prepared permit applications and obtained permits and sign-offs for the installation of numerous apartment house compactors in all 5 boros of New York City, other cities in New York and New Jersey.

Engineering, design and permits for several auto paint body shops in Newark, NJ and Bellville, NJ.