Chemical and Environmental Consultant/Engineers

Environmental Compliance

Preparation and Maintenance of Environmental Plans and Records

Reach Associates, Inc. prepared and maintained environmental plans and records for a metal working facility in Union, N.J. Reach Associates prepared and periodically updated hazard communication and emergency response plans, prepare and submit federal and state environmental reports, ensure conformance with applicable regulations via monthly notifications to client of upcoming compliance due dates.
Pollution Prevention Plans and Plan Summaries

Reach Associates prepared pollution prevention plans and summaries for a several companies including a chemical manufacturing facility in Newark, NJ and a metal working facility in Union, NJ. Plans included evaluation of existing operations,hazardous materials used and the preparation of pollution prevention alternatives. Cost evaluations were made for the various options to arrive at pollution prevention goals that were both technically and economically feasible.
Consulting Engineers for Waste Oil Reprocessing Facilities

For several waste oil reprocessing facilities, our team at Reach Associates have served as consulting engineers. The work included preparation of all permits and engineering designs as required to meet NJDEP and RCRA requirements for hazardous waste facilities including air pollution control, discharge prevention control and countermeasure plans including SPCC plans. Reach also prepared sampling and closure plans for 8 underground storage tanks for one of the facilities.
Conducting Training Sessions

Reach Associates, Inc in conjunction with J.J. Keller and Associates of Wisconsin  conducted 16 training sessions in New Jersey, Maryland, New York and Massachusetts for the Transportation of Hazardous Wastes to meet New Jersey and Maryland requirements.
Safe Operating Instructions, Emergency Contingency Plans, Right to Know and Hazard Communication Programs

Reach Associates prepared safe operating instructions, emergency contingency plans, right to know and hazard communication programs for six companies including one for a new high-tech micro device manufacturer.
SOP Preparation, Risk Management Plans and Specification of Safety Control Devices

Reach Associates, Inc prepared these environmental compliance requirements mentioned above for a comapny which will produce resin using toluene diisocyanate (TDI). TDI is classified as an extraordinary hazardous substance by NJDEP.
Comprehensive Plans, Environmental Compliance Training and Permit Evaluation Services

Reach Associates, Inc. prepared comprehensive plans and provided training for a commercial printer located in Cedar Knolls, NJ. Our team prepared hazard communication, emergency response and hazardous waste management plans. We also conducted training for employees and provided record keeping system for all environmental documents and records.

For an R&D company located in Fairfield, NJ, apart from preparing comprehensive plans and employee training, Reach evaluated the need for various environmental permit.
Spill Prevention Control Plans (SPCC & DPCC)

Consulting Engineers for two bulk fuel storage terminals in Newark NJ. The work included the preparation of Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans and Discharge Prevention, Containment and Countermeasure (DPCC) plans.