Chemical and Environmental Consultant/Engineers

Chemical Plants, Petrochemical Plants and Related Projects
Our team at Reach Associates, Inc. have worked with different clients in the engineering and design of  their start-up plant from preliminary engineering arrangement drawings to construction. Reach successfully completed these projects, below are a list of a few.
Terephathlic Acid Plant

This project was for a facility in Wilton, England and it involved process design, P&1 diagrams, equipment specifications, engineering and design.
Phthalic Anhydride Plant

Reach Associates, Inc was responsible for the process design, engineering, equipment specifications and design work for several areas of the plant including the switch condensers and refining sections.
Caustic Chlorine Plant

This project involved developing a process design, engineering, detailed design and construction for this plant located in Port Meches, Texas. Process included brine purification using sand filters, chlorine generation using Hooker diaphragm cells, caustic evaporation and chlorine drying.
Alumina and Aluminum Plant

Reach Associates, Inc. (Reach) was responsible for the primary, secondary and tertiary precipitators at this alumina plant located in Ohio. Responsibilities included material balance calculations for entire plant, specifications for equipment, P&I diagrams and coordination with other groups Including instrumentation, piping, civil, etc. Reach also performed Engineering study of HF removal by scrubbing of off-gases from aluminum production for the same client.
Hydrogen Plant

In this plant located in Braithwaite, Louisiana, Reach Associates, Inc. was responsible for the design, detailed engineering, construction and start up of a skid mounted hydrogen plant to produce 99% purity H2 for use at the client company's Nickel Pilot Plant. The plant consisted of a one-tube H2 furnace, CO conversion reactor, and CO2 scrubber. The CO2 scrubber was a unique design enabling the use of half of the caustic soda that would normally be required. Reach also participated in the design and start-up of another hydrogen plant in Calera, Utah.
Gas Reforming and CO Conversion

Reach Associates, Inc. has lead various projects relating to gas reforming and Co conversions. Reach participated in the start-up of a gas reforming plant based in Panasacola, Florida. This was one of the first plants to use the hot potassium carbonate scrubbing process for CO2 removal. Reach also participated in the design of the CO conversion reactor and catalyst requirements for another client plant in Frontier, Lousiana. Reach Associates, Inc. offered a Milan, Italy gas reforming and CO conversion processing company services which included a process design requirements package.
Beverage Additives Plant

This Pittsburgh, PA based company contracted Reach Associates, Inc. to carry out preliminary engineering and design including plot plan and equipment arrangement drawings, P&I diagrams, equipment specifications sufficient to prepare a budget estimate for beverage additives plant to be located at New Martinsville, West Virginia. Unique feature of this project was that plant equipment was mainly of all glass construction.
Pigment Plant

This project invloved preliminary engineering arrangement drawings, P&I diagrams, equipment specifications, etc., sufficient for preparation of budget estimate for a 7,000,000 phthalocyanine pigment plant.
Carbon Reactive Plant

This project was intended for an activated carbon regeneration station in Houston, Texas. Reach Associates, Inc was retained by a Pittsburgh, Pa company to work on the preliminary engineering, design, plot plan, equipment arrangements, P&I diagram, equipment specifications and budget estimate for the projected Houston based plant.
Polyester Resin Plant

Reach Associates, Inc. participated in the tail end of this project which involved the design of polymerization reaction systems, storage tank and holding tank systems, drum loading and other auxiliary systems. Responsibilities included the process design, engineering, detailed engineering, complete equipment designs and specifications
Terephalthlic Acid and Purified Terephathaltic Acid Plants

Reach Associates, Inc. was responsible for the engineering, design and construction of these two plants which were constructed in Wilton, England. The process used was the Mid Century Process now owned by AMOCO and as modified by the client company's know-how. Scientific Design was the original inventor of the process which was sold to AMOCO
Isoprene Monomer Plant

Reach Associates, Inc. was deeply involved with the entire project from process development through process design, project engineering, engineering design, resident engineering, construction and start-up for a the Belmont, Texas branch of this fortune 500 company
Cyclohexane Oxidation Plant

Reach Associates was responsible for the process engineering, detailed design and operating instructions for this cyclohexane oxidation plant to produce 300,000,000lbs per year of cyclohexanol/cyclohexanone
Consulting Engineers

Reach Associates, Inc. (Reach) was contracted by this multi-product chemical company which produces high purity chemicals for plating and other industries. Chemicals produced included high purity nickel sulfamate, nickel chloride, fluobric acid, lead fluoborate, nickel fluoborate, copper fluoborate, stannous fluoborate, copper sulphate, nickel sulphate, copper chloride and others. Raw materials used included concentrated solutions of hydrofluoric or hydrochloric acid. Reach prepared permits for air pollution control systems, design of waste water treatment system, emergency/contingency plan, risk management plan for HCl and HF and design of process equipment.