Chemical and Environmental Consultant/Engineers

Air Pollution and Control

For over 35 years, Reach Associates, Inc has offered numerous services to control air pollution in several industries. Below is a brief description of the projects we have been involved in.
Odor Control For Rubber Chemicals Building

This project included the review and analyses of the problems, conceptual process design, preliminary engineering to compare alternative solutions, recommended solution and preparation of an appropriation type estimate. After review and approval  by engineer and management of contracting party, Reach Associates, Inc. completed and final engineering and design for the project. The chemicals included mercaptobenzothiazole, carbon disulfide, hydrogen sulfide and others. Dispersion calculations were used to determine the emission control required to achieve satisfactory contaminant levels (below the odor threshold) at ground level at the plant battery limits. The recommended control alternatives was a regenerative-type incinerator with heat recovery equal to 90% of the heat input. This was installed and is not operating
Odor Control for Amine Manufacturing Plant

This project included conceptual engineering study with recommendations for odor abatement. This project involved a detailed study of the amines manufacturing plant inducing the receipt of raw materials, loading of products, splll containment, fugitive emission, a critical absorber/stripper system and amines waste water treatment system. Major causes for the odor emissions were listed and recommendations made for practical and economical solutions.The amine plant owners implemented the recommendations using a local contractor with M. Wolkstein as consultant.
Odor Control of Ethyl Acrylate Production

This project included an engineering appropriation type estimate , detailed engineering and design including specifications for te odor control of the ethylacrylate production building.. The control used here were also the regenerative-type incinerator with heat recovery equal to 90% of the available heat. This was installed and is now operating.
Odor Control Study for Ammonia Bottling Plants

Conceptual engineering study including recommendations for odor abatement at two ammonia cottling plants in Clifton, New Jersey and Memphis, Tennessee.
Odor Control of Proprietary (Fragrant Type) Chemical

Conceptual engineering study including recommendation, detailed engineering, design and installation for the odor containment system at this chemical plant located in a residential area. Recommendations were for containment of the possible release of odors within the building and the use of carbon adsorption for removal of the odors. The system which was placed in operation, remedied the odor problem.
Air Pollution Control and Waste Treatment for Rare Earth Metal Plant

Engineering, design and specifications for Venturi Scrubber, packed column absorber and associated waste treatment system.
Preliminary Engineering and Estimate for Dry Chemical Extinguisher Fluid Plant

Preliminary engineering and design for expansion of this dry chemical plant. Unit operations included the conveying and pumping of solids, grinding and pulverizing, intensive mixing using a Littleford mixer and size separation. A dust ventilation system with a central bag collector was included.
Air Pollution Control System for Extruder Testing Facilities

Preliminary study, followed by engineering and design, for air pollution control including three dust collector systems for  client company's new Extruder Testing Facilities in New Jersey. The work included the preparation and submittal of the permit application.
Air Pollution Control System for Extruding Facilities

Engineering and design for air pollution control including two dust collector systems for this extruding facility for the Alloy polymers Division of client firm. The work included the preparation and submittal of the permit applications.
Dust Collection for Polyacrylamide Plant

This project involved the engineering and design for a polyacrylamide plant. This included dust collection systems to recover particulates from the pneumatic conveying and bagging operations. In addition, an extensive process vent system was included to minimize fume and dust hazard to operation personnel. The plant included polymer preparation, extrusion, polymer drying using belt dryers, material handling, bag collectors, etc.,within a process building.
Dust Collection for Automobile Catalyst Plant

This assignment was carried out at "aeroban" catalyst plant in Azusa, California. Automobile catalyst was for General Motors cars. The project included the installation of two high temperature rotary kilns, materials handling equipment, dust collectors, scrubbers, etc., within an enclosed building. Responsibilities included the engineering, design and construction. Also responsible for the preparation of the environmental permit applications and liaison with the Los Angeles Pollution Control District.
Environmental Pollution Control for Animal Pharmaceutical Plant

This plant is located in Manati, Puerto Rico. Responsibilities included the preparation of the environmental impact statement, preparation of permit  applications, and the designation of air pollution control and waste water treatment facilities. Pollution control included an extensive ventilation system with scrubbers, dust collectors and a liquid waste incinerator.

Reach Associates, Inc has been involved with providing support services for air pollution control. These services include:

  • Air Quality Investigation and Report
  • Air pollution permits for reactor, incinerator and smelting systems